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Posted by averageroadkill - January 30th, 2011

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just to show I'm not dead

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Posted by averageroadkill - November 20th, 2008

OK here's what happened:

I was driving home right after school with my friend when suddenly a cop car turns on its lights behind us and pulls us over. My friend was just like "Damn, I must have ran a stop sign or something." I was just like oh whatever, until my friend looks at the mirror and says "Dude, he's got a gun out" I was just thinking what the fuck is going on and suddenly 5 more cop cars pull up. They all come out and are yelling and shit for us to put up our hands out the window where they can see them and all of the cops have their guns pointed at us. First they tell my friend to get out of the car and they start cuffing him and I'm just like SHIT WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON THIS HAS GOT TO BE SOME KIND OF JOKE...Then they tell me to get out of the car with my hands in the air and walk backwards slowly and then they come up and cuff me. Right before he cuffed me I take a look behind my back and see like 5 fucking cops aiming their guns right at me with their fingers on the trigger and everything. I was pretty scared because you always hear about those shitty cops that freak out and shoot the criminal on accident and the cop's excuse is just "Oh well he was trying to attack me lol"
and then they get away with it with no punishment. Anyway they have me and my friend on the hood of a cruiser in cuffs and are searching us down and shit. Then they put us each in the back of separate cars. Man, if you've never been handcuffed that shit is uncomfortable as fuck. and having a gun aimed at you is scary too, much less at least 5 of them. Anyway eventually we find out that there was some kind of armed robbery that occurred RIGHT WHEN we got out of school and my friend and I matched the description. They even wanted to keep me because I matched the description so well, but they finally let us go. All I know is we were in the FUCKING wrong place at the wrong time and whoever the real criminals were got lucky as shit. It was pretty fucking intense though with them yelling at us and everything with guns aimed at us. I was afraid I would do something wrong and they would just load me up. Then when we finally got let go we had like 50 text messages from people that saw us getting arrested. Anyway it was pretty crazy and I thought I'd share it with you guys since I'm going to be retelling it to everyone at school a bunch of times anyway.

Oh yeah, and some cop or whatever took pictures of us while we were cuffed on the hood and I'll see if I can get those pictures some how. It'll be hilarious to see how freaked out I must have looked.

Posted by averageroadkill - October 22nd, 2008

I haven't made a news post in forever. might make a new movie soon. or i'll just play pokemon blue. I would play silver, but sadly my internal battery or whatever has run dry. so long, fucking awesome pokemon team of my childhood that I spent 100+ hours on. all I have of them now are memories. I haven't even bothered to finish diamond yet. fuck that, time to play blue.

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you'll be laughing non stop

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new layout pwns...and you can post these on the front page?

cool o_O