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lol nice

when I was a little kid and first watched this movie I always wished for a fighting game exactly like this and I showed it to all of my friends. 8 years later, I'm still as impressed as I was back then. I consider you a goddam genius - always have and always will.


This is exactly how I used to wish the real pokemon show was. They had so much potential to make a serious bad ass series or at least a spin off but they never did. So finally seeing something like this that I used to want to see as a kid was really cool. Some parts looked like they were from a real anime or whatever, idk if it was the colors or subtle effects you used but it looked legit. This flash was pro even disregarding that it was rushed. Anyway, good luck with your health condition.

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actually pretty amazing

seems like you've set the bar for flash games to just about the level of the ps1...crazy

rumblesushi responds:

Thankyou, and yep it's been my intention from day 1 to make proper 3D in Flash at playable framerates, with big worlds etc :)

awesome, felt like a real snes game or something

reminded me of the old wario games by the way it plays with a bit of earthbound due to the wacky story, music, and sound effects. this would have been a worthy snes game to own back in the day and i'm having a lot of fun with it!

Boring, bad key set up. Good scripting.

You should have at least let us set up the keys ourself. Not everyone plays MapleStory using your badly fucked up controls. also It seriously took way too long to beat the boss, thus making this game pretty boring...since all you do is attack the boss over and over. Great job scripting the game though. You'd probably be able to make a great game if you didn't use the same boring concept over and over.
Oh, and I've read your responses to reviews, and before you get a chance to reply to this review with a half-witted and immature insult, to which I won't be able to reply back to defend myself, I'd just like to tell you that you're a gigantic douche bag in advance.

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great job, man. sounds just like the original! cave story has so many great tunes. the only thing is it doesn't loop so smooth, but whatever

JonBro responds:

I know it doesn't. I spent like an hour trying to get it to sound decent, and it still doesn't. It would loop better if I didn't just have the Fruity Loops trial demo thing.


reminds me of music from one of the old playstation final fantasy games. but better :P

Arbiter responds:

Shouldn't say that, I'm a great fan of the music of Final Fantasy and I don't see myself remotely close to the composers of that soundtrack.
I thank you for the compliment, but have to disagree!


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very good and amazing and i love birds

FGIJonC responds:

ARK, is that you? lmao talk about coming out of the woodwork.

tha fuck lol



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